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E-Marketing and the Time Bandits

If your message is an intrusion, it's likely missing the mark.
Published May 24, 2007
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Marketing to the Long Tail

The long tail (define) holds that outside the mainstream, there's a large, diverse, and potentially underserved market. Depending on what figures you believe, this underserved market may actually be larger than the mainstream market, particularly over the long term. For a growing number of products and services, reaching the underserved market is becoming the primary goal, and online marketing appears to be the way to get the job done.
Published May 09, 2007
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Leverage Consideration to Make Marketing Work

This year's media upfront will again see a shift toward digital media, a place where word-of-mouth rules. What are your customers saying about you? And what are you doing to make it easier for them to tell more people?
Published April 25, 2007
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Consumer-Placed Advertising… and Media Buying?

What if consumers drove the placement as well as the creative? I'm not suggesting consumers would vote on what brands are shown on ESPN, although I guess they could. What I'm talking about is the growing presence of profile pages as social networks continue to develop. Could consumers drive the ads that appear on their own profiles? That seems entirely reasonable.
Published April 13, 2007
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The Power of Brand

In our highly connected world, a brand's quality and reputation matter more than ever. We often talk in terms of advertising rewarding viewers with great humor, emotion, or some similar payoff. In a market driven by social media, the challenge is actually much deeper than that.
Published March 28, 2007
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