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Social Media: Window Dressing or Community Building?

The term 'social media 'is popping up a lot. As both a marketer and consumer, here are some guidelines on how you can assess a company's marketing strategy in social networks.
Published January 02, 2008
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Product Research Through Social Networks

If you've got lots of friends, your preference for where you get information is your social connections. If you're lonely, you probably use search.
Published December 19, 2007
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E-Marketing Effectiveness: Think Lowest Common Denominator

Create a campaign that one person would find useful; start by analyzing traffic patterns and then taking a chapter out of Facebook's bottom-up approach.
Published December 06, 2007
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Community: More Than a Tab

Integrate marketing content with user-generated content and other tips for expanding a Web site's social elements.
Published November 21, 2007
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Defining Social Media

The other day a friend asked, 'Just what, exactly, is social media? 'You'd think answering that question would be a slam dunk. It's not. Hint: marketers are still trying to figure out the 'social 'part.
Published November 07, 2007
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