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Below is an index of the articles and posts that have been published by Digital Voodoo and Dave Evans.

The Next Generation of Business Engagement

What can you do in social media that you cannot do in other media? That's the new challenge, and is where social technology really shines
Published October 27, 2010
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Social Media: Share the Love

Why you should expand your view of social media to include your customers, employees, and business partners.
Published October 06, 2010
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Listening Is a Skill Well Learned

Four personal examples of companies that listened to their customers and ones that didn't – and how that affected the relationship.
Published September 15, 2010
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AMA Podcast: Social Media Marketing

In this podcast, AMA workshop leader and author Dave Evans talks about how you can connect the dots that bring the principles of social media into focus, and how to get your entire organization involved as you develop a response program, social media policies for employees, and a comprehensive business strategy that makes effective use of social technology.
Published September 06, 2010
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Social Media Is Not Free: Here’s Why

Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare are free. TweetDeck is (still) free. So, social media is free, right?
Published August 25, 2010
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