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The New Social Contracts

One of the keys to a successful social marketing campaign -- or any campaign -- is the degree to which it's built on something that's inherently talkworthy. Hyundai's new social contract is an idea that exemplifies this.
Published January 24, 2009
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Social Media: Moving Into Programming

Perhaps it's because Santa forgot to drop off a big screen TV at our home or because Internet-based content and games are our primary sources of entertainment. Either way, I've been thinking about building a media center around the Internet instead of the TV.
Published January 07, 2009
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Five Items for Your New Year’s To-Do List

Just what you need: It's not even January and someone is handing you a to-do list. Actually, you'll like this one, and even more so the impact it may bring to your business.
Published December 31, 2008
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Hello, my friend.

So here it is, that time of year when we visit with family and friends and socialize a lot. Maybe even too much, but that's between you and your personal trainer. It seems fitting to talk about socializing and the process by which we make and sustain friendships.
Published December 24, 2008
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Social Conversions: Taking Step Two

Sitting at the center of Robert Scoble's social media starfish is conversion. When talking about your commerce pipeline, you'd typically view a conversion as the transition from lead to sale. You can dig in further, too, by focusing on these metrics.
Published December 17, 2008
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