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Word of Mouth: Advertising 2.0

Word of mouth is a primary component of 'Advertising 2.0, 'to borrow from the Web 2.0 framework. The 2.0 framework offers a mental model for marketers. Today, I'll describe how Advertising 2.0 is participative, scalable, and remixable, and is built on collective intelligence. I'll also define genuine word of mouth and portend its increasing role in marketing. This at least partially explains its sudden presence in consumer conversations, marketing plans, and columns such as this one. Everybody's talking about it.
Published January 04, 2006
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If Not TV, Then What?

Together, the Internet and digital media as a global platform have democratized information. Consumers have access to a wide range of viewpoints along with a forum for directly expressing their perception of a brand based on actual experience. If consumers take the time to do this for sharing that experience with others, TV advertising decreases in importance as a source of trusted information.
Published December 21, 2005
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Consideration-Cycle Marketing: Your New Best Friend

The consideration cycle links 'awareness 'and 'purchase 'in the buying process. At this point, a consumer begins to validate her potential choices. Connected consumers (that is, most consumers) are very likely to manage consideration issues by talking with those they trust, taking advantage of social networks' transparent nature. They think together and share information and experiences before buying.
Published December 07, 2005
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Ad-Supported Podcasting: Good Start, But There’s More

Sponsoring a blog can be a great way to get a message close to the right person. But close, as they say, only counts in horseshoes. Contemporary advertising isn't horseshoes. Consumers have turned to podcasts at least in part because they want more control over their media, the messages they listen to, and the content itself. But they've also chosen podcasts to get away from interruption-laden content, the workhorse of traditional media.In search of better, consumers reasonably ask, 'Why would I choose to listen to a podcast if the clutter factor is essentially the same as radio? 'Put otherwise, 'Wouldn't I rather hear directly from the brand, provided the brand manages the 'trust factor' issue, when learning about new products?
Published November 23, 2005
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Is Word of Mouth a Long-Term Strategy?

If you take at face value what many agencies and buzz-marketing firms say, you'd conclude buzz is a quick-fix strategy that can be plucked off the shelf and put to immediate use. You might also conclude it's possible to jump rudely into someone else's conversation and reroute the dialogue in the direction of the marketing pitch. After all, results are what matter, right?
Published October 04, 2005
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