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Social Networks and Dynamic User Profiles

Online, no one knows you're a dog. Or so it used to be. Now, it seems anyone can determine exactly who you really are, dog or otherwise. Using a combination of social network profiles, friends' lists, and Google, someone can pretty quickly peg you. This presumes a person's social profile is accurate. It's often not.
Published June 07, 2006
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The Power of And in Your Media Mix”

One in three millennials (people born after 1980) can't name the TV networks. So claims a study conducted for Bolt Media. My reaction to this was, 'Why would anyone who's grown up with millions of independent channels -- the blogosphere, MySpace profiles, and YouTube -- even care what a network is, much less be able to name some arbitrary subset of them? 'Millennials, indeed most contemporary consumers, don't care where things come from or how they got here. Increasingly, 'network 'is an industry concept, not a consumer concept.
Published May 24, 2006
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Interruptive Media: Just Say No

At the recent ad:tech in San Francisco, most remarkable was the media-mix shift as marketer attention has started move to the center of the purchase funnel to the consideration cycle, where social media is beginning to exert itself. As well, looking through recent trade magazines I came across more than a few signs that what's been brewing at ad:tech is catching on: in the past week or so the better part of a billion dollars what had been largely traditional work is being shopped to gain access to consumers through more types of media than would have been seriously considered only a year or two ago. That's good news for consumers growing increasingly tired of the clutter. It's also good news for marketers looking to leapfrog competitors by effectively applying these new channels.
Published May 10, 2006
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Ad-Skipping Controls: Philips Has It Right

Philips, the Dutch electronics firm, has pioneered a lot more digital technology that we take for granted than you may think. It recently filed a patent application relating to control over ad skipping. Predictably, it's the source of considerable discussion. I think Philips has it right. TV programmers ought to be able to force viewers to watch commercials.
Published April 26, 2006
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Collaborative Online Advertising

Looking for a way to tap the potential of MySpace as a marketer? I've been playing with Ning, a Lego-like social app constructor, over the past few weeks. What if consumers were given a Ning-like platform through which they could remix creative components and build there own online ads for mainstream products and services? They could carry this consumer-generated content into social networks like MySpace, effectivley giving your brand a genuine, athentic presence in these important social hang-outs.
Published April 12, 2006
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