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Convergence Stikes Home

A recent McKinsey study on TV's effectiveness caught my eye. According to the study, TV's effectiveness will be significantly less going forward than it is today. The real issue is how quickly that could happen.
Published August 30, 2006
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E-Marketing Gets Physical

Effective e-marketing is about the great things that happen when solid efforts connect with and drive an actual personal experience.
Published August 02, 2006
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E-Marketing Drops the “E”

The past two weeks have included our annual family vacation. With a bit of downtime and essentially zero interruptions, I got to thinking about media models that could withstand an interruption-free condition and how that would affect the mix and associated spend in current advertising and marketing
Published July 20, 2006
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CMOs: The Rumors of Your Death…

Two weeks ago, 'Ad Age 'ran the headline 'CMOs, You Have 23 Months to Live. 'It jumped out at me, especially because I'm currently CMO at a startup firm. I'm really hoping this is wrong.
Published July 05, 2006
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Giving Consumers a Choice (or Not)

When it comes to e-marketing, the operations group has as much or more to say about the success of your brand than marketing does. Disagree? Read on.
Published June 21, 2006
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