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Word-of-Mouth for your Eyes

It happens every time. No sooner is a marketing discipline named, then it expands. The new name becomes inadequate. It's happening now with word-of-mouth marketing.
Published October 27, 2006
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Just Let Go

Speaking to the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), P&G CEO A.G. Lafley suggested those responsible for marketing and promotion 'let go 'and instead take a note from consumers. Most interesting is who said this, and the impact it's likely to have.
Published October 12, 2006
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Maybe It’s the Marketing

Three things caught my attention last week: a 'Buzz Marketing 'post about click fraud, an 'Ad Age 'article about Yahoo's sense of slowing online ad sales, and my own experience buying a song on Napster. What struck me was these three seemingly disconnected experiences are actually manifestations of the same thing: contemporary marketing and the various ways it's practiced.
Published September 27, 2006
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Using the Entire Marketing Toolbox

There are dozens of high-quality partners with real case studies and real results across a range of media. They should be in your Rolodex. Are they? You can't integrate if there's only one element in the campaign.
Published September 13, 2006
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Integrating Interactive Campaigns

Interactive has become the central element of many overall campaigns. Consumers, from boomers to the youngest of the millennials, increasingly choose to connect electronically to the social and physical worlds around them. As a result, interactive often emerges as the hub of a marketing platform.
Published August 30, 2006
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