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Educational Marketing and the Information Junkie

Sitting here in rural New Mexico, far from any sort of Internet connectivity, I'm confronted with how dependent I've become on being one click away from the answer to literally any question. It's not that I'm a tech junkie, I'm an information junkie. And I'm not alone.
Published January 04, 2007
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Roll Your Own Media

If the exploding Web is the new TV, why is media spending in general flattening or even declining (in constant dollars) relative to the rest of the economy?
Published December 21, 2006
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Monetizing Video Is Only the Beginning

Where's the monetary value in online video? That's currently the $67 billion question. But it's just the start of what's dogging the ad industry. The bigger question is 'Why do we continue to push interruptions?
Published December 06, 2006
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Social Networking and Marketing Hubs

Social networks' evolution as marketing vehicles is but one sign that most consumers really do get it. I say 'most consumers 'to make clear that I'm not talking about millennials, early adopters, or any other subset. I'm talking about mainstream consumers. All of them.
Published November 25, 2006
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The Genius of the And

It's been more than a dozen years since Jim Collins and Jerry Porras wrote about the inherently limiting aspects of 'either/or 'thinking. Two articles came across my desk recently that got me thinking about how relevant 'Built to Last 'still is.
Published November 08, 2006
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